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As an owner of an investment property – the next critical decision, equally as important as the original purchase decision, is to decide how it will be managed, and by whom. Should I save some money and manage myself, or should I put it in the hands of a real estate agency?

Clearly, it is your property and your decision, but there are many advantages of using a reputable Real Estate Agency, such as Amber Werchon Property, to manage your property. Our team of professional Property Managers are dedicated to managing your investment by securing you not only the best possible price, but also quality tenants who will pay their rent and care for your investment.

We have outlined some of these below:





Our busy Property Management division has a growing database of prospective tenants which we access to match our vacant properties. Our Property Management staff will explore many avenues in an attempt to secure you a quality tenant.

Many people looking to rent will approach real estate agencies, including searching their websites online, to find properties, before they actually look at the private rentals ads in the newspapers. This is not only for convenience, but also because many tenants prefer to rent through an agency ‘third person’ as it removes the emotion from the relationship, and they feel that a reputable agency will be updated on constant changes to legislation and will be conversant with their rights and obligations.

We also have access to TICA (Default Tenancy Control System) which will reveal any poor history that a tenant may have, including defaults and damage to property. TICA is the largest tenant database operating throughout Australia and New Zealand. By using the TICA system we can enquire if an applicant has or has not previously defaulted prior to placing them in your property.



Property Management has to deal and process paperwork, and there’s lots of it, including and not limited to:

Application Forms, Entry Condition Reports (before), Periodic Inspection Reports (during), Exit Condition Reports (after), Bond Lodgement Forms, Tenancy Agreements (lease), Landlord Protection Insurance, Smoke Alarm & Electrical Safety Compliance Forms, Notice to Remedy Breach, Eviction Notices, Notice of Intention to Sell (leading to Entry Notices) and so on.

OurProperty Management team will be able to take control of all of the myriads of paperwork and ensure it is all filled in correctly and lodged at the appropriate time to the relevant authorities.





What a minefield this can be…constantly changing and quite complex. Failure to comply with legislation and changes in the Tenancy Act can lead to huge fines and ultimately end up in costly court cases. For example from July 1, 2009 there have been significant changes, and the new Act, the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act which has had a major impact on the way properties are managed, as well as changing implications for landlords that wish to sell their property.

Our Property Managers are highly trained professionals, and receive constant information from the relevant authorities on changes to legislation. They attend professional training courses and are consistently updating their knowledge.



Real Estate professionals are in the business of negotiating…and a good Agent should be very experienced in the negotiation process. When it comes time for a rent increase, or other proposed changes to Tenancy Agreements, our Property Managers are equipped with the right skills to successfully negotiate with your tenant to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Our Property Managers also have a pool of tried and trusted tradespeople they have on hand for emergency situation and routine maintenance.

Due to the amount of regular work these tradespeople receive from the agency, we have negotiated competitive prices in exchange for loyalty – obviously this is a real advantage for the person picking up the bill, and our tradespeople will prioritise our requests.



When people are renting properties unforseen occurrences can happen at any time of the day, and Murphy’s Law dictates that it will usually happen in the middle of the night at the worst possible time! Do you want them to phone you at midnight on Christmas Eve when their toilet is leaking…or someone else, ie your Property Manager? We have a plan in place to deal with requests that are ever out of office hours, so that you will never be disturbed.



We are committed to delivering excellence in service in all facets of Property Management, in fact we pride ourselves on our Property Management Division, which is growing daily, and our reputation for superior service is a constant referral base for more business.



We will:


• Find the most suitable tenant for your property, respecting your wishes with regards to all stipulations, including permission (or not) of pets;


• Use our database, website, and network of contacts to find a tenant for you when your property is vacant in the shortest possible time;


• List our vacant properties on our weekly e-newsletter which is sent to thousands of people in our database;


• Provide inspections by appointment, 6 days a week, including outside business hours;


• Provide constant feedback including a written weekly report informing you of the enquiry level and activity on your property, we are pursuing to tenant (when vacant);


• Provide you with innovative, customised marketing options/proposals to help promote your property;


• Conduct Open for Inspections on your property to increase exposure to prospective tenants;


• Process Application Forms thoroughly within 48 hours, including TICA checks and additional background checks + 100 point ID checks;


• Service all tenant and prospective tenant enquiries;


• Return all phone calls, emails or other written correspondence with 24 hours;


• Place a highly visible “FOR RENT” board outside your property when vacant (with your permission and body corporate approval);


• All lease paperwork, sending you a copy;


• Bond Lodgement with the Rental Tenancy Authority within the legislative time frames;


• Complete a thorough Entry Condition Report, including photos, prior to letting;


• Arrange for connection of power, gas, telephone, internet and cable TV upon request;


• Carry out periodic inspections every quarter (the maximum amount by law). We take digital photographs of your property regardless of condition of property and forward to you with a detailed inspection report




I will never recommend any other Property Management team than the one at Amber Werchon Property. Reliable, courteous, prompt – what more could a property investor want?


– Max and Noela Bell


The Property Management team at Amber Werchon Property have always placed fantastic new tenants for our property and always tried to get us the most rent possible. Any maintenance issues that arose were constantly dealt with quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruption to our tenants. Thank you!


– Steve Clarke


Thank you very much for your advice regarding my investment property and the current rental market. Your agency does a great job!


– Rose Bell


Thank you providing consistently outstanding service and I will certainly use Amber Werchon Property again to manage my next real estate investment.


– Gay Diamond


I wanted to write and thank you for assisting with my search for a rental property. I have just been approved for a property in Palmwoods which I applied for yesterday but wanted to advise that your team were fantastic.

I have struggled during this process with unprofessional Property Manager’s from other agents not returning phone calls after applying for houses for the last 3 weeks. It was great to finally receive personal attention from your team. They were exceptional and I will certainly return to Amber Werchon in the future for any rental/sales enquiries.


– Debbie Van Ophem


Hi Joanne,

Well, we’re in and and totally stuffed now !

Sitting on deck now having a cold beer.

Thanks for all your efforts, your personal commitment has made a difference to our family.


– Mick & Sue Rost


Thank you Jo for finding us a new tenant for our investment property at lightening speed!

We appreciate your time and commitment to helping us.


– Melissa Schembri